Facebook – Humanity Gathers – The Brutal World of Likes and Unlikes

We thought you’d enjoy a little 
deep dive into Facebook, it’s growing presence in Asia and how it can be 
leveraged or abused in marketing.

Let’s start with the numbers: in recent months Facebook has slain mighty 
giants Yahoo and Google to become the number one site in virtually every SE 
Asian country (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia and rapidly growing in Japan and Korea). This 
staggering growth has happened in the past nine months. Indonesia is 
Facebook’s second largest market in the world with 30m users (3m in the 
last month alone), with Philippines the sixth largest with 17m users and 
India with 15m and poised to explode. Most Asian markets are growing 10-15% 
every month. Hong Kong has one of the highest penetration rates of 48% of 
the population; Indonesia has 100.3% penetration of people online. Facebook 
users tend to be 16-30, spending about 30mins online every day, and no 
surprise that the Facebook audiences the more influential one – therefore 
the one that brands need to engage with most.

Never again can we talk about digital not being mass media. There has never 
been such a penetrated concentration of humankind in a single media or 
social entity.

Check out the stats below: