How Could “The Social Inbox” Affect Brands Facebook Engagement

Facebook aims to be the ultimate online communications platform by combining all forms of digital contact (email, sms, chat, wall) into one new messaging feature, nicknamed “The Social Inbox”

This game-changing initiative is predicted to reinvent the way we use email, which has not evolved much since much in the last 20 years.

To learn about the new feature, watch this simple video:

What could this mean for brands on Facebook?

  • More Facebook: The one-stop integrated social communications feature will surely mean that the 600M+ users will spend more time interacting on Facebook (50% are daily users, according to Facebook’s CEO)
  • More Control (& Less Spam): Since users first have to accept or befriend brands in order to receive communications from them, “unfamiliar” brands can expect a higher rate of bounced emails. This also means users will receive less “Spamish” & intrusive emails.
  • More History: Brand-user communications will be stored FOREVER, which could allow users to dig up past brand communications to possibly use against the brand. This could be a challenge for brands that are constantly evolving.
  • More Personal: The feature also forces brands to have more organic, one-to-one conversations with fans
  • More Involvement: The intimate & personal nature of this feature could force companies to involve more employees in social conversations with consumers, allowing them to be the face of the brand as they engage on a more one-to-one level with consumers.

How do you think this feature will affect brand-consumer relationship & engagement on Facebook?

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