Location check in for Vietnam Netizen

A new geo-location check in Foursquare equivalent of Vietnam, developed by Diadiem Corporation (http://diadiem.com), a ‘Google’ map equivalent for Vietnam, named TWO.VN

Targeting young urban savvy users, Two.vn has the estimate of 170,000 users. But it’s more than just simply check in and communicate your whereabouts or shouting out the location tips. It combines with the Lifestyles package: link with most popular local music site and local Music TV channel (Yan TV), news updates, and map.

Above is what the program looks like on Ipad.

In terms of loading location, there’s more visual. User can also upload pictures of the location and share across.  So far no system of mayor-ship but one could earn Golden Coin (+1), every time they check in.

Music update: the most viewed videos.

The program does take a while to load, but I do enjoy picture function of Two.vn. Also I have not been able to make any friends! :-(

Credit: Photos by Tra My