Tablets to Overtake Netbooks in a Year. Brands Need to Dig Deeper in Digital

Forrester Research is predicting tablet sales in the U.S. will overtake netbook sales by 2012, and desktop sales by 2015. Here is how this estimation breaks down:

Strategy Analytics insight showed that global tablet shipments reached over 4 million units in Q3 of 2010, with the iPad capturing 95% of global share.

Marketers are getting excited about the recent Nielson research findings, which indicated that:

    · iPad owners are more likely to make ad-related purchases than owners of other mobile devices.
    · iPad owners have nearly twice the positive response in ads with interactive features (than iPhone)

With Samsung launching its highly-anticipated Galaxy Tab next week, and other tablets rapidly entering the market (including Microsoft Windows 7, Nokia’s MeeGo, HP’s webOS &  BlackBerry’s Playbook) , it is time for brands to consider tablet specific strategies.

Here are key questions to help brands determine how to engage with the tablet revolution:

    · Are the brand’s target audiences using tablets? If so, are there stats showing how they are engaging?
    · Could the audience’s tablet usability habits align with what the brand can offer?
    · Should brands consider tablet apps, ads or a website optimized for tablet viewing? Or all?
    · How is the brand’s tablet strategies going to integrate with its offline & online efforts?
    · What does the brand ultimately aim to achieve in terms of marketing AND business objectives?
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