Chrome OS Will Challenge Consumers, Brands & Marketers

Google announced that it will release a ground-breaking operating system – Chrome OS.

Based on Google’s web browser (which has grown 300% to 120m users in 1 year), it promises to be the fastest & simplest operating system yet. This is because it is strictly built for the web.

Supported by a virtual web store (like a phone app store), the OS allows users to access, operate & edit all files directly on the Internet (in the cloud) .

Here is a 3 min video explaining it:

This makes sense, since 55% of all Americans use the internet daily; spend an average of 60 hours online & visit 2,646 web pages a month. (Visual Economics & Nielson, 2010)

What could this mean for…?

· Consumers will spend more time online & therefore expect better & more comprehensive online brand experiences, richer 2-way social dialogue, more interaction & engagement.

· Brands may soon have to develop engaging “web apps”, which are in sync with other digital strategies & speak with a consistent unified voice.

· Marketers will have to think about a complete digital customer journey across today’s various online platforms (web, app, mobile, social, search…etc).

How else do you think this will affect today’s consumers, brands & marketers?