Don’t DI-lete: Your Weekly Digital Influence Update

Jeremy, an increasingly obsessed social gamer, has seen some innovative in-game branding from Chinese financial brands. Even before AMEX’s recent facebook/FarmVille cooperation, Chinese equivalent brands had been working with Chinese games in similar ways: take ICBC, for example, which “sponsors” the transactions of Jeremy’s vegetable trading on RenRen Farm (see attached screenshot).


Lance Wang (DI, SH) couldn’t be more excited about the two “dream” brand ambassadors that Johnie Walker have for their latest campaign. The Shanghai team have been working with none other than director Jia Zhangke and blogger Han Han for this blog and vlog campaign.

Lance Wang (DI, SH)对于Johnnie Walker请来的品牌”梦想”大使使非常兴奋,上海团队正在与著名导演贾樟柯和名博主车手韩寒共同参与关乎梦想的视频博客“语路计划”

Dora Yin (DI, BJ) has seen that as an extension to its latest video campaign, Vancl has launched a Youku-based interactive competition which invites people to write comments to win prizes. With huge amounts of participants, the online clothing retailer is doing a great job of making its successful ad strategy go even further in social media.


Jeremy has been sure for a while the RFID tag integration is the future of the Web and even wanted to be the first to use it for branding. He was annoyed as well as excited, therefore, to see ASICS had beaten him to it with this New York Marathon campaign that plays personalized messages to people when they reach a certain point on the race route.

Jeremy 一直相信RFID标签集成是互联网的未来,他也希望能成为第一个利用起它的品牌营销人。所以当他看到ASICS抢了沙发,把标签集成率先用到纽约马拉松活动时,真是羡慕嫉妒恨呐!

Dora Yin (DI, BJ) thinks everybody we should check out this promotional video from RenRen. While she isn’t a fan of the soundtrack, using video like this to convince brands to become more “social” is certainly a good thing.

尹禾(北京, DI)推荐大家来看”人人网品牌也社交”宣传片,虽然配音有点恶心,但是拿这个制作水平还不错的小动画来说服客户加入social阵营应该是个不错的元素.