Facebook “Insights” Powers Brands to Get a Competitive Edge

Facebook brand pages have upgraded their analytical “Insights” by providing more in-depth data to measure social engagement.

As of last month, any page administrator can gain access to valuable information, such as the number of impressions & percentage of feedback (e.g. “Likes,” comments) for each post on their page. Facebook now counts users that see & engage with a brand’s posted content.

Let’s take a look behind the scenes of what an administrator can see (red box). This is a Facebook page I manage:

A free analytical dashboard within Facebook pages also allows administrators to see: demographic data (age & gender) or geographic data (country, city, language), engagement per post (as shown above), content consumption (videos, photos, posts..etc), review & discussion posts and much more. Such data provides valuable insights into consumer behavior, tendencies & interest.

Also, Facebook brand pages help facilitate purchase intent. A recent survey showed that 40% of Facebook users who fan brands do so to receive discounts & promotions (ExactTarget & CoTweet 2010).

Brands large or small can now make the most of their Facebook presence by….

  • Learning more about their customers & prospects
  • Gaining greater insight into which posts are attracting consumers, by understanding which content performs best
  • Assisting their social media optimization efforts, while providing better chances to keep up with leading competitors

Are you optimizing your brand’s social posts? If so, how?