Facebook Instability!?!?!?!

It started a few months before Christmas, facebook access was blocked in Vietnam, despite the staff recruitment to work for facebook from Vietnam ends. Netizens quickly found the way to get back in, the link spread quickly, tweets and yahoo chat passing on the web. Log-in went through links such as www.lisp4.facebook.com, for drastic action there’s software free gate Hotspotshield or Ultrasurf or changing IP Host. There was roughly 690.000 search term for ‘how to access blocked facebook‘ on Google Search.

This gets brands thinking, or at least our unit in Vietnam start shaking, looking at the demand of client asking for a Facebook Fanpage.

1. What about content on our Facebook page? Are we about to loose all of our valuable content, both form the brand and campaign perspective, and more importantly user-generated content?

2. What about the connection and social aspect we’re been cultivating? Is it going to be disappear forever?

3. What about our social media strategy?

Got me thinking, it’s time to relook at this Channel Strategy and the way our content is shaped. We cant wait for the National Congress meeting to pass and pray to Heaven that things will presume normal. The block might eased a bit, but there’s no guarantee, nothing is for sure. Brands and organisations shall start to rethink on the investment in their platforms and map out a strategic content channel, begin to think of youtube/clip.vn (which is not been ultilised locally), photo sharing sites.

Some argue that ZingMe and other blogging communities like Yume has the potentials, but looking at ZingMe target audience it’s too young for some brands and less serious/professional. Plus there’s no measurement method for ZingMe, not yet.

Facebook, with 2.2millions users in Vietnam up-to-date, has the perfect combination seems somewhat as fragile as ever.

It’s time to relook, re-evaluate in depth the kind of channel and social platforms brands want to engage. While it will take a while for local Vietnamese web developer to create original platforms, the Vietnam Social Media infographic comes in handy. The Channel Strategy will require a more complex, scientific and concrete strategic plan, measurement approach and most importantly Conversation Management that goes beyond the current popular forum seeding methods.

It will be an exciting year to observe the instability status of facebook in Vietnam and how it had impact on brands and organisations. Will you everyone in the loop.

Meanwhile, some of the popular profiles on facebook in Vietnam

1. Nhat Ky (Diary) with 500.000 plus fans

2. Vietnam Travel with 245.008 likes

3. Kenh14 (leading teen portal) with 100.458 likes

4. Dell FC (seem to be doing well) with 28.283 likes