Oprah no longer tenth most followed microblogger; it’s Yao Chen, & she doesn’t use Twitter!

In the past few minutes, Yao Chenthe most followed person on Weibo, China’s nearest thing to Twitter – overtook Oprah Winfrey to become the tenth most followed microblogger on the planet.

At the time of writing Oprah Winfrey had 4,927,206 followers while Yao Chen, a Chinese actress, had 4,927,256 followers, or “fans” as they are referred to on the Chinese platform.

This is the first time that the ten most followed microbloggers are not ten most followed twitterers and is a cool demonstration of both the size of China’s online population and the impressive growth of the Chinese platform.

Weibo, or Sina Microblog, is thought to have around 50 million users while the US-based Twitter, which is blocked for the vast majority of people in China, is estimated to over 200 million users.

It’s no surprise Oprah lost her place in the top ten: Oprah just posts a few times per month while Yao Chen posts several times a day and makes the most of the Chinese platform’s powerful features, for example adding a photo to every “tweet”.

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