Infographic: Asia’s Connectivity

Pulled together two charts using stats from the World Bank to look at the relative connectivity of major markets in East Asia and their GDP level. (The second chart is better!)

In the top chart, vertical denotes mobile penetration, with horizontal looking at Internet penetration. The size of the balls denote the actual number of people online. Please note the data is quite dated, going back to 2008. Click on the chart to get a larger version.

Among the reactions I have to the top chart are:
- I still find it remarkable how mobile penetration can go above 100 percent (notably Hong Kong)
- While China has a huge number of netizens, there is tremendous room to grow.
- Malaysia is remarkably advanced among peers in the region, with the Philippines a laggard.

From the below, using GDP per capita to decide the size of the circles:
- You can see Vietnam’s remarkable level of connectivity relative to its wealth. Thailand, which is at a similar level of penetration for mobile phones and Internet, has four times the GDP per capita.
- Indonesia and the Philippines, at roughly the same level of GDP per capita, you can see the Philippines has taken a route towards mobile development while Indonesia is more Internet. (Though both are similar). China vs Thailand shows an even more divergent model.

Any other perspectives?