Aussie Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics

“We respect your influence… We don’t pay for posts.” Those are just a few tenets of Ogilvy’s Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics, developed by the Ogilvy 360 Digitial Influence Team in the US. And now (while we’ve had lots of positive feedback already about the code) we want to know what Australian bloggers think.

We want to make sure our code of ethics is relevant to the Australian blogger community and takes into account the many differences between blogging here and in the United States.

Among other things, we want to know:

  • What irks you about how agencies reach out?
  • What channels would you prefer to be contacted via (e.g., Twitter over email)?
  • What would you say to agencies outreaching to you if you could talk to them before they press ‘send’?
  • What do you think are the main reasons that you would be excited or interested in outreach from an agency?
  • We know a lot has happened since 2007 when our Code of Ethics was originally created – what needs to be taken into account now that wasn’t previously?
We’d love your thoughts on how we can raise our game and the bar overall on how Australian agencies and brands engage influencers like you. A discussion which the 360 Digitial Influence Sydney team organised last year with three influential mum bloggers for Ogilvy PR employees to attend started to address the need for changes to the Code and we’d like the conversation to continue.

Tell us what you think as a comment on this blog post or drop us a line ( or Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence Australia is a sponsor of the first ever Aussie Blogger Conference, and we’re awarding the best suggestion from bloggers a pass to attend the inaugural conference, which is sold out.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!