Valentine’s Day on the Asia Pacific web

In China, the microblog loveletter is a return to simplicity

Apparently in bygone days (the 1980s), “three major items” – usually a watch, a bicycle and a sewing machine – could usually secure a woman’s hand in marriage. Over time, Chinese ladies have wisened up and in the 1990s those three items became a modern refrigerator, a TV set and a washing machine. Today, they’ve had enough with three items – now many young Chinese women are demanding that their suitors purchase apartments before even thinking about getting down on one knee. Many starry-eyed youngsters thinks that all of these transactions have taken the romance out of love, and have turned to new technology to relay old sentiments – resulting in 163,000 140-character love letters appearing on (the Chinese microblogging site) on Valentine’s Day. Over sixty-three million Chinese people are microblogging now, so expect and even bigger number of micro-Valentines next year.

Indian website offers virtual wives

Nervous about getting married? Give it a test dive with Bharat Matrimony, an Indian website where bachelors can get a “taste” of the type of wife they would prefer as a life partner. Register, and you will then receive calls during the day with pre-recorded messages from your virtual wife. Once they give it a test, Bharat Matrimony hopes to encourage men to step forward and sign up with their Matrimonial Site, where they can find a real wife.

China: Beware of the Valentine’s Day virus (no, not that one)

The China National Computer Virus Emergency Response Centre issued a message warning computer users not to open spam mail with Valentine’s Day messages in the subject line. Such mails may contain worms like “Worm_ Blebla.B”, “VBS_ILoveyou” and “Vbs_Valentin.A” and do significant damage to computers.

Ogilvy Group Melbourne: Puma unites lonely runners for Valentine’s Day,puma-unites-lonely-runners-for-valentine8217s-day.aspx

The campaign featured the tagline ‘Meet someone fit’. Participants were encouraged to wear different coloured T-shirts to indicate their level of availability. Runners had the option of following a ‘cheeky quicky’ 4.5 kilometre course or a more intense 6.5 kilometre one.

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