A range of outlooks from Asia’s youth

Though often lumped together by Westerners, Asian nations are showing their uniqueness more than ever. At the same time, they are showing us that in today’s globalized world, people (and youth in particular) share many of the same dreams and aspirations. This week, several extremely different yet equally powerful pieces were released on or by Asia’s youth. Check them out.

What does it mean to be young in China?
This video remixes old clips that Chinese youth would recognize with modern representations of China’s burgeoning youth culture. The video shows a passion for musical events, extreme sports, and socializing.

Indonesia – the next big thing in digital media
Several students from a university in Singapore compiled this video on why Indonesia is the “next big thing” in digital media. They cite statistics such as Indonesia’s huge amount of Facebook users, the high number of Internet cafes, and the growing Internet penetration as proof.

Sour economy and multiple new crises test Japan’s young
Hundreds of thousands of young Japanese people resume their working lives this week, and they face a transformed Japan that will test a generation reared in affluence yet dismissed by its elders as selfish materialists.