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China – 10 predictions for the Internet in 2011
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10 predictions for China’s Internet in 2011


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Predictions include the growth of ecommerce and social commerce, further rise of gaming, a transition from time-base pricing to CPM-base pricing, more competition on the mobile Internet, and more.

China Mobile to release its own mobile browser


China Mobile has unveiled the beta version of its Android-based mobile browser called Surfing, which focuses heavily on website optimization for efficient data usage, accessible site navigation and personalized channels, image optimization and smart adjustment. The new browser also integrates with popular services in a bid to become a “one-stop” app for China Mobile users.

Facebook investor joins funding round for 360buy.com, “the Amazon of China”


Facebook investor Digital Sky Technologies (a Russian Internet investment group) has joined companies like WalMart in investing in 360buy.com, which is seen as one of the best upcoming platforms in the blooming Chinese ecommerce market.

Rest of the region

Facebook in SE Asia: March 2011 data snapshot


There are 80,000,000 Facebook users in SE Asia. That’s 18% of the entire region (somewhat skewed, when you consider that some countries are nearing 100% penetration). Last month so 500,000 new users in the region. Click through for some other vital and up-to-date statistics on FB use in the region.

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Facebook in the Philippines: March 2011 data snapshot


Just as with the SE Asian example above, these very up-to-date statistics reveal the huge number of Facebook users (more than the population of Australia!) in the Philippines, and how they’re using the network.

Yahoo India will roll out Search Direct within the year


Yahoo Search Direct is a new feature similar to Google Instant that shows search results as you type. As soon as you click inside the query window, a drop-down box appears showing the latest search trends even before typing a single character. Yahoo Search Direct has been in public beta in the U.S. for a week now, and will expand to other Yahoo products and markets later this year, the company said.

Australian’s prime minister, other officials, hacked


Just afrter news broke that the Canadian government’s computers had been hacked, it broke that Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and nine other federal ministers were hacked and thousands of emails were compromised.

Global mobile statistics 2011


This recently updated compedium has statistics on Global mobile subscribers, handset sales, mobile Web usage, mobile apps, mobile ad spend, top mobile operators and mobile financial services. Key stat: There are 5.3 billion mobile subscribers (that’s 77 percent of the world population). Growth is led by China and India.

The Social Web

Google looks to one-up Facebook’s ‘Like’ button with a ‘+1’ button


Google debuted its version of Facebook’s “Like” button Wednesday. Dubbed “+1,” it lets users give a quick nod of approval to a search result or Google ad and eventually to any page or site on the web that chooses to include the button.

Facebook unveils the secrets of the Like button


Facebook has unveiled Like button analytics, comment analytics, demographic analytics, and organic sharing analytics. Already, these have revealed that Facebook is driving a large amount of traffic to sites.

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Twitter elite send most tweets


Fifty per cent of all tweets read and shared on Twitter are generated by only 20,000 ‘elite’ users, despite there being more than 200 million registered accounts on the service.

Lady Gaga donates $1.5 million to Zynga for Japan relief


Lady Gaga has made a massive $1.5 million contribution to Zynga’s continued Japan relief efforts, half of which joined Zynga’s donation, adding to the $2.5 million already raised in the past two weeks by the company’s Facebook games. That brings Zynga’s grand total in donation to just over $3 million.


Quadrocopter ball juggling


25 years of Pixar animation


Air New Zealand hires Richard Simmons


VANCL tries out social e-commerce


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3D room planner


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Greenpeace: A new warrior


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Ogilvy Beijing’s WWF campaign is in Best Ads’ top six