Digital Activation, a Path to Purchase shortcut

The Path to Purchase is dead, long live the Digital Path to Purchase. Not long ago I was discussing the need to upgrade our P2P paradigm due to the raise of smartphones, social media and cheaper retail technology. ‘What is the Digital Path to Purchase’ makes a similar —yet more comprehensive— point.

Could this new iPhone app QuickerFeet to be launched in May 2011 make things any more obvious?

Location-aware QuickerFeet app gives consumers the ability to take advantage of any deals and promotions from their favourite brands and stores happening right there, right now. Altogether with instant notifications, live maps and social media sharing capabilities.

You can click on the following link to watch QuickerFeet app promotional video.

For vendors and retailers, QuickerFeet app means an instant, inexpensive and simple way to supercharge in-store promotions by reaching those around the point of purchase who are already in ‘shopping mode’.

Unlike Groupon and other group discount tools, QuickerFeet does not require pre-planning and traditional communication tools. It allows live promotions to be deployed on the spot addressing ever changing market needs.

Watch QuickerFeet vendor information video clicking here.

Aside from this particular tool, it’s clear that the traditional Path to Purchase  model (from Awareness to Purchase) is not linear and that mobile technology —in particular location-based services— provide a never-seen-before creative platform to influence purchase behaviour.

QuickerFeet is not the first and only application of its kind, but from time to time, some random feature that makes the user experience simpler or more just fun can make a platform tip. Do you think this app could get that kind of traction?