Digital Activation, the power of simple ideas

How many Twitter followers do you have? Many people brag about it. In the real world of runners, however, things might look quite different, specially if you spend so much time behind the computer.

To prove the point —and engage consumers with their Buenos Aires 10K race— Nike created an innovative Twitter application that allowed users to compare their running stats with their Twitter followers and followees and determine who follows who in real life. Watch the InterTwitter Race video here video for the details and very impressive results. All the explanations, in 140 characters or less.

Another great example of digital activation is the sponsorship of Planeta Terra (one of the biggest music festivals in Sao Paulo) for Volkswagen Fox.

A clever combination of free tickets with scarcity tactics —the few hidden tickets were discoverable only by tweeting about the promo— made #foxatplanetaterra jump to the top of the charts in the Brazilian city, achieving a very cost-effective boost for their participation in the event. Watch the groovy Fox at Planeta Terra Twitter Zoom video here.

Both have a lot in common apart from using Twitter. Not only they take advantage of social media to create WoM but they move people to action. Users don’t just share links or play an online game. They do something outside their computers or mobile devices. The two campaigns blur the line between online and offline.

Note that no complicated technology or expensive hardware is required. By using a freely available tool like Twitter, they show clearly that the power still lies on the ideas. Simple, well executed ideas that appeal to our very human nature.

More examples of these kind of work to come.