A Gathering of Brilliant Minds

Last week, all the DI leads from across the regional came to HK for an intensive 3-day training. It was more than a training… it was more a discussion forum, a platform, where great ideas and best practices were shared.

There were many great learnings and takeaways, but here are a few that I will hang over my desk.

1) As marketers, we should develop social media programs that are not only fun and engaging, but also contribute to the client’s bottom line (we often get hung up on the creativity or virality)

2) The top 3 things CMOs look for in a social media campaign in 2011: (1) Reach & Position (2) Preference (3) Action

3) Set realistic and achieveable KPIs and diagnostics before executing any social media campaign (even better if you could tie it into sales)

4) Did you know that only 10% of friends get your wall post in their news feed?  So understand what are the best days and times to reach out to your audience.

5) Ideas don’t come from social media or technology, it comes from people. Fredrik Haren’s equation that Idea = p(k+i).

6) Don’t just focus on now (i.e. iphone apps, Facebook games), find out how we can help our clients prepare for the future (i.e. social on mobile)