Becareful What You Tweet For


In defense of his friend, social activist @fahmi_fadzil  tweeted in reference to the HR policies by a local publishing company for “giving her so much s*** because she was preganant” This went on for a number of tweets with responses by angered folks on Twitter with word such as “angry” and “retarded”


*Screenshot taken off

In a twist of fate, legal action has been issued by the publishing company with a most idiosyncratic pronouncement. Fahmi was sentenced to tweet an apology 100 times a day for his act of defamation along a total of 3 days to his 4,300 odd followers.

What is happening now is a stream of media attention directed at the company with more severe name calling and messages. Social media has started to react.

The term in the last few hours to use is “#defahmi” (An obvious wordplay between fahmi’s name and defamation). The question to bear in mind is “what kind of statement was the ‘defamed’ trying to get at?”

 It definitely now has more attention than it cried out for when most Twitter uproars in the country are a “let bygones be bygones” and usually quelled downed in a day or two (unless there is persistence of course). A situation that could have been kept off the radar if it now isn’t repeatedly tweeted 100 times a day.

With new media laws still being freshly popped in and out of the oven, legislations and settlement forms for platforms such as Twitter are still unclear for now. Defamation itself too is a loose belt of the law that’s hard to justify and find evidence for.

 It’s becoming plain to see though, that some parties should consider the reaction of the hyper-reactive Social Media stream before hitting the “Send Tweet” button.

For Twitter-holics like myself (where tweeting is like verbal diarrhea), this serves as a reminder to pay careful attention to what is being tweeted.

Fahmi is now an International sensation (with 400 new followers since appearing in the headlines), appearing on the 7th Twitter trending topic, and is one case that would be interesting to continue to observe.