Simplicity Meets Heart-Warming Awesomeness At It’s Best, Well, Almost

Day in and day out, a lot of us digital warriors, creatives especially, are cracking our heads looking for that one big idea. The one idea that would sweep the world, touch the hearts of millions, get on the trending topic, convert record high sales for the client and win us tonnes of awards for eternal glory with our names etched in the hall of fame.

This usually means countless cups of coffee, never-ending nights even on weekends, rounds and rounds of brainstorm sessions and walla, we have a MEGA BIG Idea – we’re gonna launch this viral thing on YouTube, that’s gonna get millions of views where we then drive them to Facebook, ask them to like us, offer them a photo submission contest and get them to rally for votes and 3 months later when we have a million submissions, let’s announce the winner and wait for the awards to roll in! BooYah!!!

While it’s a good thing to go for all the above, and there’s nothing wrong with it really… it’s just that, sometimes, or in fact, most of the time, we gotta remember the good ‘ol KISS principle – Keep It Simple, Stupid. (wiki link here)

The KISS principle states that simplicity should be a key goal in design, and that unnecessary complexity should be avoided.  (wikipedia)

Today, I came across the Intel@ Museum of Me campaign on Facebook and it greatly exhibits the greatness of the KISS principle. It’s a very simple engagement app they’ve built on their Facebook page. All you need to do is click on one button, sit back, and enjoy a video walk-through of “your museum”.

Disclosure: Intel is an Ogilvy Client. My opinions about this campaign though, is purely on a personal basis.

The Museum of Me displays information from your Facebook account as viewable “exhibits” in a virtual museum of your very own.

Below’s the screen shot of the app you’ll see, see how simple it is, one button, one click… the video below it explains it all.

In case the video’s not showing right, here’s the link:

It’s really a simple process, well, no, not according to the technical director and all the programmers who made this work of course, but to the consumers, this is a really easy thing for them. And what do they get out of it? Plenty!

  • First, with no fuss, no registration, no contest and such, they get a video museum of themselves
  • As they go thru the journey, they actually take a walk down the memory lane, looking thru pictures of their friends, all the good times they’ve had, that vacation they took 3 years ago, that chick/hunk who “got away”, old friends, new friends and much much more. Going through that one minute plus of the video is a joy itself, all those memories flashed in front of you in a tasteful manner.
  • Once they’re done, feeling all nostalgia and all, hey, “would you like to share this museum on Facebook?” A simple button is ready for you and you can even share it as a photo album, talk about convenience, simplicity and great timing to ‘pop the question’!
    Anyone who finished the video would be more than glad to share it one facebook and tag their friends featured in their museum, as shown below:

You’ve gotta experience it yourself, I don’t think words can really describe how nostalgic it made me feel at that very moment. Suddenly, Intel Rocks! Like! *clicks on ‘like’.

Anyway, enough with the nostalgic mushy stuff, back to business. Yes, KISS, whenever you can, or whenever you’re stucked, always remember the KISS principle.

As awesome as it is, I somehow feel that something seems to be missing, for me at least. Food for thoughts for us digital warriors alike.

Intel@ Museum of Me… indeed, simplicity meets heart-warming awesomeness at it’s best, well, almost……