Facebook adds a new option to its “real name policy”, allows multiple names in multiple languages

While Google is softening it’s Google+ name policy amid the uproar caused by mass accounts suspension, Facebook has quietly introduced a new option that could be useful for people from or living in countries that do not use latin alphabet.

Facebook now proposed to some people if they wanted to display different names according to the language used by their friend. In my case, my friends who are using the simplified, Cantonese and traditional Chinese Facebook interface would only see my Chinese name (孫尚謙) while the rest of the world would see my French one (Jean-Francois Amadei).

I’m still not sure how extended this option is (locations, languages…etc, so far only my friend in Taiwan have been asked if they wanted this option to be activated) yet, but it’s interesting how Facebook digs into details in order to keep up with its ‘real name policy” crusade.