Vietnam ‘social buying’ snapshot

Capturing the global phenomenon of deal of the day and e-commerce, Vietnam’s growth of social buying sites are also flying high – updated figured from Asia Digital Marketing 2011 stated two fifth of Vietnamese online population (approximately 30millions) have visited online auction and shopping sites at least once.

Following such spirit, the equivalent of Groupon in Vietnam, launched this year across 2 key cities of Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City, is ranking at the top based on traffic, called Nhommua (literally means group buying). Nhom Mua has been extremely aggressive in launching its services across all social media site such as facebook and online media drive to their web, making the pageview* tops 6.7 millions, 570.000 visitors spending a whopping amount 7 and a half min on their site. (According to Alexa ranking and Google Ad Plan May 2011).  Nhommua has the commenting function without having to log on. However this is turned off from 23h to 7am.

Coming in at no. 2 on the watch list is Muachung developed by the same company who owns one of the most popular teen online website kenh14. Muachung (Buy Together) comes in at 2.4 million pageview with 670.000 visitors who spend 4:10min onsite.

Nothing would be complete in Vietnam without Zing network involvement. While facebook deals might not yet break the Vietnamese ties, Zingdeal. A humble 1.1 million pageview with 270.00 visitors compare to its ZingMe 5.5 millions of users potential.

The remaining competitors are sharing the smaller pie but is getting some consumer favourites and starting to gain momentum with 84.000visitors, however falling behind to (super cheap)by 26.000 visitors.

How are these deals of the day sites continue to grow and differentiate themselves from each other and going beyond the common offerings of travel, hotel and hospitality services will be interesting to see. Moreover, the ‘social’ elements of these sites also not yet fully reached its potential and sophistication.