Marketer’s Guide to iPad for Business

Earlier today, Mike Boyd and I presented an updated version of the Marketers Guide to iPad for Business as part of Citrix Online’s Lunch + Learn series.

A few of the key take-aways from the session today:

  • When it comes to getting an app approved by iTunes there are no guarantees in terms of time frames, though if you’re working with a company that understands app development and has a good track record then expect a relatively fast turn-around (roughly 4 days)
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew – in other words, don’t attempt to make your ipad app deliver too much by cramming too much information or functionality into a single app. If you have several business objectives pick the single objective that will deliver the largest business impact, or build multiple apps.
  • Leverage existing resources and think about what existing content you already have in your wheelhouse that could be repackaged for audiences who prefer to view content via iPads and tablet devices – but then go above and beyond.
  • More than 300,000 Australians are browsing the mobile web (as of May 2011, Nielsen Australia) – how does your organisation’s Web site appear when viewed from an iPad or tablet PC?
  • Video, user-generated content, photo slideshows and games are common interactive elements found in some of the most popular ipad apps
  • Before developing an app, audit similar apps in your industry and be sure to differentiate