SNS did an important role in the middle of heavy rain.

As some readers might have heard from the news, there was heavy rain in Seoul on July 27th. Literally, severe rain storm attacked Seoul city. Some parts of infrastructure didn’t work; several stations were closed and many streets were flooded.

In the middle of this crisis, SNS took an important role that enable people to communicate. Many tweets were updated every second in ‘Timeline’ to alert the emergency situation. Many SNS users communicated about serious situation and express feeling of sorrow for people who died from flood. There were sarcastic tweets about Korean government’s response as well.

It was obvious that SNS is more powerful method than traditional media in reporting the news of the disaster moment by moment. After downpours, Korean governments and communication companies show interest and undertake researches in using SNS as an effective method for handling crisis situation. Services using SNS is expected to develop more by them.