ZingMe & Social Open Platform

ZingMe giant recently hosted a conference titled Social Network The Open Platform, meeting with Mr Trong Nguyen, Business Development Director ZingMe shared a few thoughts:

Q: Can you share with us the reasons why Zing hosted Open Platform, what is Zing new direction of development for this API?

By launching Open Platform strategy, we hope that Zing would become an useful and efficient place for our third parties (including Ad Agency, Content Provider, Marketer…) expanding their business on Internet environment. We offer tools for integrating applications directly within the Zing platform or doing social media via Zing Me.

Q: What were the key takeouts from the conference?

The most achievement of the conference is bringing social network owners and their third parties closer and closer. The former has gained their position in the market after this event. The latter has learned about the large potential of local social network and found some chance to enhance their benefits by using their open platform . There were more than 500 representatives of Ad Agencies, Brands, Content Providers, Developer, Technical Experts, Marketers, Hot Bloggers…attending to this event.

Q: What’s next moving forward from this Open Platform conference from your perspective?

A new age of cooperation between local social networks and their third parties has opened. For example, Zing has earned a lot of cooperation proposals from not only Ad Agency but Content Provider also after the event.

Q: What are the most updated statistics on ZingMe platform right now?

We have a total users uptodate 6.8millions with 32.04% of monthly accounts are login daily. Among all social activities, aside from games, we have about 726.770 comments posted daily onto the network with  500.000 photos being uploaded on a regular day and around 8,780 blog posts.

Zing and ZingMe direction in moving into a more ‘branding & communication’ aspect with the intention of having the API open, branching out to communication should be an interesting move to watch. Extending from what only gaming activities. In order to structure like the facebook example, there will be a lot of work to be done.

For a case study, Megastar fanpage currently has 17,209 fans more than its facebook ‘confusing’ group.

(Facebook Group with 2,459 fans)




Zingme with more than 17,000 fans. The page also have an ‘ap’ for promoting current movie and it’s campaign page, users can score exclusive premier tickets, lucky draw to get free tickets and even prize for ticket design creative.


Managing fanpage here requires a closed collaboration between ZingMe team and agency, or marketers where the support level is more day to day. Insights such as interaction, post likes are all pretty much similar to Facebook but fanpage manage need to request data from admin team.  Other promotions to drive fans such as banners, news announcements, articles can be leveraged from Zing network itself.

Interesting move from ZingMe, I’d say.