Australian Facebook Page Engagement Report

Digisocial has just published an Australian Facebook Page Engagement Report – which is hugely informative and provides a good, valuable benchmark for different Facebook pages across a range of industries. Their report consists of 60 Australian Facebook pages, ranked by engagement – and includes:

  1. The name of the page
  2. The agency managing the fan page
  3. The number of fans on the page
  4. The page’s “People Talking About” Statistic – showing page engagement
  5. Percentage of fans engaged

They purpose of their report is to set engagement level benchmarks for each of the 6 industry verticals that they covered in their study:  Fashion, Tourism, Media, Sport, Politics and FMCG.

A statistic of note is their “Australian [Facebook Page] Engagement Average” – 1.96%
To provide some context:

  • the population of Australia: 21,874,900 (Source)
  • the number of internet users as a percentage of population in Australia:  72% (Source) or 15,749,928 internet users

You’ll find a snapshot of their original report below, but if you’re after the full report, you can download it here. There’s already been some criticism of the study for various reasons – and any attempt at ranking brand pages is sure to result in some controversy. Some thoughts and criticisms from the community management community include:

  • There is no indication of whether a brand is in the middle of a huge campaign or not (which is sure to skew the study)
  • The “People Talking About” statistic, while useful, is a dynamic figure that changes daily – and the study doesn’t state its methodology – so it’s not possible to tell is the numbers are an average over time or just a snapshot
  • Lack of sentiment analysis

That said, it’s still a great point of reference and a valuable look into the world of Australian community management.