Giving flight to ticketing.

I believe there isn’t a person in the world that hasn’t been stood up for an appointment before (or to the very least turned down at the very last minute). Worse still if you’ve spent a substantial amount on a pair of tickets that will amount to nothing.

The Cantonese term derived for the action of “not honoring the agreed appointment” is specifically phrased “Fong Fei Kei” (direct translation: Let the Airplane Go). Acts of this “Fong Fei Kei” (FFK) culture is often practiced in some Asian Societies; that it has become an expected behavior.

Two brothers here in Malaysia, Eugene Ooi and Eu Veng Ooi have decided to capitalize on this less accepted norm of social conduct by creating a ticket matching service through the power of Twitter and a site cleverly created under the URL

All tickets are submitted by registered users of the site and auctioned off to interested buyers. Twitter fits perfectly into the system with its real time abilities to alert followers of the Twitter account @fongfeikei of tickets that are up for grabs.

Users may also tweet @fongfeikei to inquire for specific tickets which will be RT-ed to other followers. Or to sell you tickets/ promote your events.


At least through this service, there is some hope of salvaging some of the lost investment from a person who has already declined your invitation with a questionable excuse.

As a previous beta tester, ffk has managed to turn around a large amount of glum into some relief for folks who have no idea what they can do with potentially under-utilized tickets. Pretty neat idea eh?

I’d personally like to see a mobile app come out of this. Do you think something like FFK has potential in your country?