A ‘social’ sense of humour…

Imagine promoting your social media agency by joking about it. Can you imagine how that would go down with your superior? And yet, some of the greatest social media campaigns of recent years have nearly always been from agencies willing to take risks. I think this is very important when it comes to our industry. It seems that the average user of social media wants to be surprised, to be amused and entertained and it can be very easy for social media practitioners to become stagnant in their offering. It’s important that we remain agile, that we push ideas that are good, bad and even at some times may seem ludicrous. Even if they don’t get over the line, at least we’re bringing something fresh to the table.

For example, let’s imagine that the agency behind the iconic Old Spice ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ campaign had put the kybosh on that idea. If they’d said it was ‘too risky’. None of us would have been able to enjoy one of the most memorable campaigns to come out of social media perhaps eve
r. Granted it’s still a young industry, but it can’t be denied that the campaign remains one of the most important social media executions the industry has seen.

For me, the inherent risk involved in it is what makes it so impressive. It could have backfired. But it’s the faith that the brand had in it that made it so pervasive. You could see it in the production value and the effort they’d gone to. That in itself was admirable, regardless of how successful it turned out to be.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that our focus should be putting faith into good work that we’re proud of and taking a chance to make something truly unique instead of regurgitating things that have worked in the past. Sure, traditional social media tactics have their place in our work but it’s not what’s going to win awards.

This post is a bi-product of stumbling across the above video where an agency took the idea of the ‘social media case study’ and completely flipped it on it’s head. The video shows that they know exactly how to conduct a social media campaign yet they convey it in an amusing, cute and affable way.

They’ve created a possible viral video just by promoting themselves and, like the Old Spice videos, you can tell that they’ve put the effort into something unique, albeit on a smaller scale…