Facebook launches updated Insights

Last week, Facebook launched a revamped insights tool for Business / Brand pages – I’ve taken the liberty of curating the ever-awesome Hubspot‘s breakdown of the changes.


1. “Important Metrics”

a) Total Likes: self-explanatory – the total number of likes on the page
b) Friends of Fans: Facebook now shows you the total reach of your page when someone “Likes” it i.e. the cumulative number of friends of all your fans put togetger
c) People Talking About This: the number of unique people who have created content about your page on Facebook in the past week
d) Weekly Total Reach: the number of people who have seen all content about your page (from you + others) shared on Facebook, calculated by aggregating all the “friends” each shared post has reached.

What this means: We now have the “total reach” of your content – down to how far your initial content was seen, then got shared; the more content is viewed, the more awareness is spread, and thus the higher the chance of them clicking through to your page.


2. Overview of Activity

Facebook has upgraded their graph to show you how “individual posts influence the number of people talking about you, as well as the impact it has on the overall reach”. The size of each circle (at the bottom) shows you how much you published on that day, and also shows you the corresponding data of “people talking about this” and your “Weekly total reach”.

Why we should care:  This data will inform our conversation calendars and content strategy. HubSpot’s graph above shows you that the number of times they’ve posted does not correlate with total shares or reach. Other brand pages may reveal other nuggets of insight – great for monthly reporting.


3. Understanding Your Posts


Facebook now reveals the:

a) Total reach for each individual post
b) The number of users engaged on that same post
c) The number of people talking about that post
d) The virality of that post

And we care because: It’s important to note that with the specific data at post-level, it’s easier than ever to note the kinds of content your fans actually want (whether in terms of content or media type). This can then inform other tactics like competitions, givewaways, content-curation and fan engagement.


4. Your Audience


Previously, Facebook allowed you to see the demographic information of the people who have liked your page. You can know also see the same information for ALL the people your content has reached (via fan sharing), and also the people who are talking about it. The data is still represented in the same easy-to-read way.

We want to know this so: we can tailor content, offers and information to the people who are most engaged with the page, as well as those who are earlier along in the “Like” funnel. Why? Because it allows us to see what our real and potential fans want, so you can target new customers/fans for better conversion rates.

And that’s the quick and easy breakdown. Hope it helps – what has your experience been with the updated Facebook insights?

[Image from carrotblog]