The Road to Social Media Success

Last week I attended a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session run by Datacom in cooperation with Radian6 and Ogilvy. The session was to provide insights on effectively leveraging social media for business. There were 60 attendees from various disciplines, all eager to learn the ins and outs of social media success. It was great to sit amidst such a diverse group of industry experts!

Lucie Snape, a digital strategist from Ogilvy 360 DI, started the program with a clear 4-point view of the road to developing an effective social strategy; Listen, Plan, Execute and Optimise. Lucie stressed the importance of mitigating risk with clear guidelines for employees and for community managers representing brands in the digital space.

It was good to be reminded that consistent content creation and playing by ‘the rules’ are necessities when executing a social strategy. Businesses still engage in social media without a predefining strategy which generally results in poor community management, incomplete social profiles and no active relationship building. That’s why a Playbook to underpin your strategy is a very important element of your social media tool kit.

Next up was Daniel Lodge, senior account executive at Radian6, who showed us ways social data is visualised using the Radian6 platform. For a first timer I imagine all the charts and graphs might be a bit overwhelming. It did however give a good overview of the product. It would have been good to see more detail around the engagement platform which is a wonderful feature of the Radian6 product which distinguishes it from its monitoring competitors.

Datacom’s Roy Tan, divisional manager at Datacom, tied in on the strategy and technology sessions to talk about the actual execution. He showed us tactical ways to use social media and Radian6 optimise the customer experience.

All in all it was a great event to learn the basics of a social media strategy and how it can add to your marketing mix. The sessions from strategy to technology, ending with the execution were fitted logical flow and came together in a comprehensive story. I loved the examples, and the way Mark McWilliams from Datacom introduced each speaker and told a little case study story complementing each session. I observed attendees scribbling wildly during the sessions so I’m sure they all have learned a thing or two!

If you want to know more about the events please visit the Datacom website. If you want to know more about the sessions discussed you can also follow the speakers on Twitter.