Social Medializing Your Wedding

In response to Brian Camen who wrote the Social Media’s Impact on saying “I Do” post in June, I’d like to share 3 ways on how I’ve used social media for my own wedding in September, 2011.

RSVP via a Facebook Event

Announcements on Facebook and Twitter aside, I created a Facebook Event to invite my guests. With a simple message and a few clicks, I reached out to almost all my friends on FB. That saved me tonnes of time when it comes to finalizing the number of attendees and finding out if my guests were bringing their +1s or not. When planning a wedding, especially when the date draws closer, time is a luxury piece and you don’t get to waste much. So this alone saved me much time.

A mini teaser for the wedding via a Wedding Teaser Photo Album

We took some beautiful wedding portraits to be shown during the wedding. If you knew about it and remember, the photography session caused me to miss the Social Media Summit in HK earlier this year! Aaarrrrgggghhhhh!

Anyway, to create anticipation and excitement a few days before the wedding, we released a few of these pictures on Facebook. It was fun, friends were glued on and excited to view the next picture to be uploaded.

A video to tell our little story

They say a picture is stronger than a thousand words, while I disagree SEO wise, we took it one step further and hired a videographer to make us a video instead, and we loved it. The attendees found it entertaining and we get to keep our sweet sweet memories foerever (unless the video file somehow got lost or corrupted, I hope not!). We then uploaded the video on YouTube for all those who missed it and those who would like to see it again, my wife and I especially.

(The video is the one at the top by the way)


So there you have it, 3 ways I’ve used social media for my wedding. If I can only quote ONE SINGLE example on using social media for a wedding, how about this….. I met my wife on Facebook, how’s that for a social media case study! :)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this. Have you got similar stories to share? How have you used social media for your wedding? Looking forward to hearing your stories, cheers!