Countdown to the Christmas Video No. 1

As we swiftly enter December, we also reach one of the most important times of year for many retailers: Christmas. Every year I like to watch out for the best Christmas adverts – not the one’s I see on TV, but the videos that get delivered to me through various social channels. For me, Christmas is a time for sharing and for those who celebrate it, the holiday taps into that warm fuzzy place that makes you smile and gives you belly laughs. The best Christmas ads capture this by giving joy to their all important consumers – a joy that people want to share.

Coca-cola owned this space for a long time with their ads signalling the return of Christmas as much as the turning on of Christmas lights or the return of Slade to retail store soundtracks.

So far this year it’s the UK’s John Lewis ad that is leading the charge. However the season is still young…

While these adverts are not made purely for social media, they tap into something that is inherent to all videos sharing – if I give this to someone, it will make them happy.  And this is what present buying at Christmas is about after all.