It’s the Skittle Boom Box!

Skittles. Most likely you have heard of these tasty bright and happy coloured candy drops that “Taste like the Rainbow”. We have experienced Skittles’ original approach when it comes to advertising online. There were a number of memorable viral videos including the Skittles Touch episodes starring your finger. To refresh your memory, have a look at the ‘Cat’ and ‘Cage Cop’ videos! And yes, they had much more successful digital campaign such as the beloved Skittles website facelift and the “Dazzle the Rainbow” Facebook challenge.

Now, I happened to come across a new marketing stunt of Skittles and just wanted to introduce you to their latest jewel: The Skittles Boom Box!

So what’s the deal?

Skittles has sent a famous US YouTuber Nathan Barnatt a Skittles boom box as gift and asked if he wanted to share this experience through his YouTube channel. And so he did. Barnett’s creative mindset actually resulted in a very entertaining video and has generated almost 820,000 views since its release last week!

Watch the video above and experience for yourself!

After watching the video: Did your jaw fell open from so much coloured content? Did it make you smile? Then I guess this execution was a success because, it touched you!

It is really amazing how well Skittles is able to create such humorous and shareable on-brand content by optimally using their energetic, fun and light-hearted image. Furthermore this example shows what a strong piece of social content can do when shared by an influential content creator who is given the freedom to create their own video. All in all: well done Skittles for this very nice piece of Influencer Relationship Management! Looking forward to their next campaign!