Ogilvy on: Facebook for business in Asia

With more than half a billion users logging onto Facebook in a single day, more and more businesses rely on the world’s largest social network to build essential connections to consumers. Asia is no exception.Not only are India and Indonesia among the largest nations on Facebook, but markets like Singapore and Hong Kong have a huge portion of the population logging in each day. Even companies familiar with the platform, however, need to learn about the implications of the newly introduced Timeline, fast-moving news ticker and new ways to build applications.

This was the motivation behind our latest Wall Street Journal webinar in which Thomas Crampton,  Ogilvy & Mather’s Asia-Pacific lead for  Social Media, together with Erik Johnson, Facebook’s Vice President for Asia-Pacific, discussed Facebook and its implications for businesses in Asia.  Highly interactive in nature, this webinar was yet another successful session of the social media training series by Ogilvy & Mather, the Wall Street Journal Asia and Citrix that takes a hard-nosed look at the real meaning for business of recent trends in social media in Asia.

Ogilvy On: Facebook in Asia