Radian6 Announces Social Marketing Cloud

Last night the Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence team had a chance to catch up with Radian6’s Chief Customer Officer Chris Ramsey, who was visiting from Canada, as well as some other members of the Australian Radian6 team. I was able to speak to Chris about the exciting new collaboration tools that Radian6 and Salesforce announced this morning at Cloudforce in New York, and he shared some great insights into how Radian6 is helping develop the technology which will allow businesses to adapt to a new social customer.

The new product announcements all fall within the umbrella of a new social marketing cloud that Salesforce and Radian6 have been working to develop. According to Chris, it is “based on marketing in this new world of the social customer. They’re using Twitter, they live in Facebook, and companies really need to go meet them versus asking them to come and line up for your brand.”

The Social Marketing Cloud will include social media monitoring, engagement and insights. Key to this new feature are the two products that were announced at Cloudforce New York – the first of which is the Salesforce Social Hub, the first rules based social engine that will help scale and automate social data across every department of an enterprise. It takes what people are saying online, (complaints about a product or advocating for a product) and automatically tags them, applies some pre-set rules to them and then automatically routes them to the appropriate departments throughout the enterprise.

The second product which was announced was the integration of Radian6’s monitoring platform and the Salesforce Service Cloud. This new product allows complaints around product or service to be automatically logged in the Service Cloud, so that a case can be created and assigned to the right person inside the call centre or service centre. The integration would then allow the service representative to manage and interact with that person on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks directly from the Service Cloud.

For enterprise sized organizations, Radian6’s announcement will be well received – the benefits of having the powerful CRM capabilities of Salesforce, joined with the deep listening benefits of Radian6, are immediately obvious. Having your customer service team be able to identify, track and respond within the one platform will remove a lot of double handling and has obvious cost and time savings for businesses. From the consumer’s point of view, they’ll experience a streamlined customer service experience where complaints are resolved efficiently and through the medium in which they were originally expressed.

Chris was very emphatic on how businesses really need to be starting to adapt to a customer who is online and active 24/7 and in non-traditional mediums – and from the sound of it, these new products are just one step in a bright future for Radian6 and Salesforce. They’ve hinted that a there’s a lot more coming!

Many thanks to Chris for taking the time to film a quick interview with me – unfortunately the Flip cam picked up a little too much of the background noise as such wasn’t usable, but it was a fascinating chat and we’re all looking forward to seeing what’s next!