YouTube Gets A Social Facelift

Ever since the inception of YouTube back in 2005, it has received a number of tweaks and improvements to make the experience more social such as being able to “Like”, “Dislike” and share videos.

As of December 2011, the site has undergone a facelift. The most apparent change in terms of social has come in the form of more user-friendly integration between YouTube and other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Brands can leverage on these additions to create stronger linkage between different social platforms, which in turn can allow them to expand their online presence and create a more consistent image of the brand.

The new YouTube Analytics also features a much improved user experience with a layout that’s more aesthetically pleasing with colorful graphs and charts reminiscent of those from Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.

YouTube still has room for even better integration but this update that has made YouTube even more user-friendly is a great way to entice brands who are not yet on the platform even more of a reason to be on there.