India now world’s second largest Facebook country

In the past few days of January 2012 India has overtaken Indonesia to become the second largest Facebook country in the world with 43,497,980 users. India is adding about 2m new users each month. The most significant fact however is not India dethroning Indonesia, but the fact that only 3% of India population has joined; only Pakistan, Russia and Nigeria have such relatively low penetration rates.  This leaves a huge growth potential for India, and as more people join Facebook it will likely transform the digital landscape there, as it has done in Indonesia and Philippines.

It’s also worth noting that Japan has added 500,000 users and Korea 347,000 users in the past month – Japan has the highest growth rate (8.01%) of the top 25 countries – so we also expect to see the social media landscape changing rapidly in both these markets in 2012.


Facebook Asia – January 2012 (as quoted from