Launching Social@Ogilvy

This week, we welcomed the launch of Social@Ogilvy, Ogilvy & Mather’s global, cross-discipline team of social experts from across all of Ogilvy’s businesses.

We have been designing and executing social media marketing and communications programs for more than seven years as 360 Digital Influence – a specialty practice born out of Ogilvy Public Relations. We quickly grew to deliver social solutions for all sorts of marketing and communications clients. Now we have grown into Social@Ogilvy. We are a true global network with a common approach.

The whole PR vs. marketing battle is moot. Social media will inform every discipline and deliver business value for the foreseeable future. Social media as a standalone specialty doesn’t make sense. All the power and potential in social-based solutions comes to life when you integrate it into marcom and other functions.

Read more about Social@Ogilvy and connect with us online in the following places:

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