Launching social@Ogilvy Australia

Last night, social@Ogilvy Australia teamed up with Radian6 to host a panel discussion event in Sydney titled “Effective Social Entrepreneurs: Turning Insight Into Action”.

Over 300 industry folk,  clients and employees of both Ogilvy and Radian6 braved the rain and came together to network and participate in a panel Q&A. A huge shout out to Scarborough Wines for sponsoring the event and treating us all to the taste of their beautiful wine throughout the evening. The audience were engaged, tweeting madly to the event hashtag, #R6Ogilvy and asking questions that were related to their businesses or workplace.

Charlie Wood, Vice President of Radian6 APAC was the MC for the evening and our panellists included David Alston, the CMO of Radian6, Nathalie Swainston, Brand & Marketing Manager of, Chris Gross, Head of Social Media for Vodafone, Jess Hart, Digital Marketing Specialist at Sensis, Dirk Reckerman, Digital Marketing Manager at Nestle and our very own Brian Giesen, Director of social@Ogilvy Australia.

The panel answered a variety of questions around topics such as choosing the correct social platforms for your brand, engaging internal stakeholders and getting them involved in social, training staff, agency versus internal and much much more.  But I particularly enjoyed the closing question “If you could give brands today one piece of advice about social media marketing, what would it be?” Here are the panellists answers:

  • Brian Giesen – Think long term rather than current campaigns, look at the bigger picture and create a holistic approach for your brand
  • Dirk Reckerman – If you are going to use social for brand purposes you need to embrace it, not keep it at arms length
  • Jess Hart – Figure out your objectives first and then refer to them constantly throughout the process, it will keep you grounded
  • Chris Gross – Invest internally for social, train up your staff and involve as many of your internal stakeholders as possible
  • Nat Swainston – Always think of the user and spend time considering the user experience, this should be at the core of everything you do
  • David Alston – Consider your community rather than your audience, they are the ones we want on board with our brand
If you could ask any of the panellists a question, what would it be?