Want to take a walk down Path 2.0?

Want to be able to share your personal moment with a cluster of friends rather than your whole network? Then the Path app should be your social network of choice.

Originally designed to share photos and videos with a close network, the app was re-release early this year as a “journal” with added functionality to share music, thoughts and sleeping patterns (yes you read that correctly).

From the get go Path is simple and intimate. When originally launched last year, users were restricted to having 50 friends on Path, however since the 2.0 update this has been extended to 150. You do have the option of posting the content via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or FourSquare to engage with your networks on these platforms. The rationale behind this small number, according to British anthropologist and Oxford professor Robin Dunba (the inspiration behind Path) is that on average each individual has:

“5 best friends, 15 good friends, 50 close friends and family and a total of 150 friends”

The average user of Path has 5-10 connections. This means that we can now share those embarrassing photos/videos with our closes friends without worrying about them going viral…phew!

Path is free to download via the app store (some additional features are paid) but is sadly restricted with compatibility to iPhone 4 & 4S and only some Android models. So if you have a Blackberry or older iPhone you’ll miss out!

The profile resembles the new Facebook timeline, and is simple yet descriptive. You can post photos, videos, music, share your thoughts and check into locations. Path has its own take on ‘liking’ posts on Paths, rather than the generic like button you can chose from a range of emoticons so you can express what your feeling towards a certain post.

My favourite function is the music sharing, you can search within Path for songs that you are currently listening to and share them on your Path. Path will post a short clip of the song so your friends can listen to it…very cool.

The photo and video sharing resembles Instagram giving you the option to add filters to both media’s. Even though there are only 8 camera filters that are free you can purchase an additional 4 filters at 99c a pop. I think the filters are better than Instagram, the Loko filter, shows that photo as it would appear after a few too many glasses of wine and is a personal favourite of mine.

Given the limitation of the number of people you have in your social network, I don’t think that it is a valuable mechanism for businesses to share their brand. It is however, my new favourite app for sharing my private experiences in a personalised way. Your friends are able to easily view, comment or respond to any of your activities, and the app combines it all into one seamless timeline that also includes your friend’s activities.