Welcome to Malaysia, YouTube – YouTube Boleh!

See the YouTube logo above? That’s a YouTube Yoodle, Google’s version of a Doodle. It appeared on YouTube worldwide yesterday, on 22nd March, 2012, when YouTube Malaysia was officially launched. With this launch, we can expect a lot of new things to come to Malaysian shores for YouTube, local artists, local brands, creative & media agencies, the Malaysian consumers in general and more.

I was lucky enough to join their launch party, rubbing shoulders (or rather drinking beer lol) with many prominent elites from the local industry (Google/YouTube Malaysia Team, brand leaders, artists, advertising & media agencies and the likes). They even had YouTube cupcakes! Check out Mizz Nina in action from this link too! http://bit.ly/GGCYCo

Now this is the most interesting thing I’d like to highlight – in conjunction with this launch, YouTube Malaysia had also launched a brand new advertising unit called the “Masthead”.

It’s basically an interactive banner on the homepage of YouTube. With millions of visitors daily, imagine the impact (or eyeballs) an advertiser would get just by doing a ‘roadblock buy’ (similar to Facebook) where your banner will be there for 24 hours, with 100% share of voice… we’re talking about a million views a day, most likely more than just a million! Now that’s EXCITING! 

I’m sure many brands out there would be keen to explore this, and here in Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines is one of the few first-movers on this front.

(Disclaimer: Malaysia Airlines is an Ogilvy client)

In conjunction with YouTube Malaysia’s launch, Malaysia Airlines launched their new contest called “The Big Flight” and anyone in Malaysia who logs on to the YouTube homepage would see the new masthead in action as shown below, highlighted in red:

Find out more about “The Big Flight” on YouTube: http://bit.ly/GGrlvJ

Anyway, back to YouTube, with the new ad unit (the masthead), I think they have something really strong to offer advertisers and I’m sure this will give Facebook a run for their money too. Looking forward to seeing how it works out and how it’ll change the online media buying scene in Malaysia (globally too).

As I signed off on YouTube’s signature wall last night… “Let the good times roll!” - Congrats again to YouTube Malaysia!

What do you think? :)