A Benefit Performance Made Possible through the Power of SNS

Image from talent donation Nanum concert

The emergence of SNS has not only changed the online community culture which was formed in Korea, but it has also significantly changed the way we live our lives and the way we communicate with each other.

Beyond the personal communication, SNS has established an important role in today’s society which includes a method of brand marketing for companies as well as a way to exert political influence.  SNS also has a strong popularity in the performance culture scene.  Many celebrities and musicians utilize SNS which has led to the participation of many performers in performances that are held in the form of talent donation.

People share Nanum concert’s news and stories with their friends via SNS

Recently in Korea, The talent donation based concert “Nanum” (which means sharing in Korean) was successfully held from April 19 until April 21, 2012.  Under the theme of “Nanum”, the concert was made possible through the exchange of thoughts and opinions of many performers and staff that participated in the concert through SNS.  Popera star Una, who lives inParis,Franceand performs all overEurope, communicated with the executive producer of the concert through SNS and had even paid out of her own pocket to be a part of the benefit performance.  Also, as the benefit performance was widely made known through SNS messages and communications of individuals, many artists and performers from all over the world such as theU.S.andJapaninquired about participating and performing at the concert.

Beginning of successful business is to gain consumer’s heart. If businesses can move consumer’s heart through SNS, it may just be a bridge which connects the company with consumers - Finding the right way to utilize SNS will be our main challenge.