Korea: May Social Media News Update

SK Communications, launching a global Cyworld application in Android version SK Communications’ Nate application has been placed on the 2nd rank among many main portal applications. Although Nate application monthly users (3.89 million) are less than Naver’s (7.80 million), they has reached more than two times of Daum application’s monthly users (1.98 million). Read More

 글로벌 싸이월드 안드로이드 앱 출시 SK컴즈의 네이트 애플리케이션(앱)이 다음 앱을 누르고 포털 메인 앱 중 2위를 차지한 것으로 나타났습니다. 네이트 앱의 월간 이용자수는 389만명으로 780만명인 네이버에는 미치지 못하지만, 198만명인 다음보다는 약 2배 많은 이용자수를 기록했습니다.

SK Communications, the worst earning shock due to a slump of Nate and Cyworld SK Communications, owning Nate and Cyworld, has marked a worst business loss due to the weakening its core business. Search engine has weakened its power in the industry since 2010 because SK communications has decreased its investment. Online community business also experienced the die-out from the industry, because it fell behind the trend. Although SK Communications felt the fierce coming from SNS’ rapid growth with Twitter and Facebook, it has not defended itself with step-up action. So, is there any alternative for SK Communications against its suffering? Experts say that SK Communications needs to put aside its fear toward trend transition and to turn itself into the change. Read More

SK컴즈, 네이트·싸이월드 부진에 따른 ‘최악의 어닝쇼크’ 네이트와 싸이월드 운영업체 SK컴즈가 핵심사업이었던 검색과 커뮤니티가 경쟁력을 상실하면서 최악의 영업손실을 기록했습니다. 이러한 위기기 어떻게 찾아왔는지, 극복할 가능성은 있는지 한 번 살펴보시죠.

 LG U+, launching a fashion social networking service LG U+ announced that it launched “CosmoStyle 2.0,” a fashion social networking service, in partnership with the fashion magazine, Cosmopolitan. CosmoStyle2.0 allows users to upload their styling photos and further provides connection with others to share their opinions. This application provides social plug-in functions so that users are easily able to post and share their opinions through SNS. For those who are interested in fashion, this application would be a good one to tryout. Read More

LG유플러스, 패션 전문 SNS 출시 최근 특정 분야의 SNS가 인기를 끌고 있는데요. LG유플러스는 코스모폴리탄과 함께 패션 전문 SNS인 ‘코스모스타일 2.0’을 출시한다고 합니다. 자신의 스타일을 올리고 다른 참여자들과 친구가 되어 의견을 공유하는 서비스라고 하니 패션에 관심 있는 분들이라면 이용해보셔도 좋을 듯 하네요.

200m app, receiving attention even before the launch, and given chance to launch abroad” ‘200m’ app is attracting public attention even before its launch. What is ‘200m’? It’s a new form of the Social Commerce application providing a cashable money coupon at 10% discounted price. Consumers are able to use it equivalently to cashable price at any store affiliated with the app. This app also provides information of nearby affiliated stores based on the users’ location. Because of its exclusive concept, they have been proposed of 7 billion won of investment from ‘berni&LS, the U.S game development company. Read More

200m , 오픈 전부터 주목 “해외진출 길도 열려” ‘200m’앱이 본격적인 서비스를 앞두고 주목을 받고 있는데요. 소비자가 먼저 10% 할인된 현금성 머니 쿠폰 등을 구매해 현금과 동일하게 가맹점에서 사용할 수 있는 새로운 형태의 소셜커머스 앱이라고 합니다. 독특한 컨셉으로 미국 게임개발 회사인 ‘berni&LS’등으로부터 약 70억원의 투자유치를 제의 받는 등 해외 기업들로부터 주목을 받고 있다고 하네요.