China’s Social Media Equivalents: Infographic Mk.4

Yet another six months have passed since Ogilvy’s China social media team updated the infographic we use to show the local platforms thriving in place of the major international equivalents.

Since then new social media platforms have become relevant, either side of the Great Firewall, and so we have reworked the infographic to reflect some of the changes.

[Click the graphic to view a larger, clearer version]

A couple of the more interesting changes:

Addition of “Social Mobile Entertainment” – Though often short-term “crazes”, apps in this awkwardly-named category are an important part of the social landscape in China. They spread virally due to their social functionality, augment larger platforms and provide interesting content creation opportunities for brands. Some Western apps, such as DrawSomething, are as successful in China as they are in other markets; others, such as the social karaoke app Changba, enjoy almost exclusive popularity in China.

The Increasing Importance of Weixin and the Addition of “Mobile Timeline” – Weixin (or “WeChat”) is the social media story of 2012 and categorizing this multi-function platform/app has become even more difficult due to the expansion of its social functionality. Originally a Mobile/LBS IM Chat, Weixin has also emulated the success of Path with its photo/location-centric timeline feed, “Moments” (or 朋友圈). The growth of Path and its Chinese equivalents led to both the creation of a new category and the need to add Weixin to multiple categories.

Making graphics like this is far from an exact science. Many of the changes we made are debatable, in many cases the Chinese equivalents have different features to their equivalents, and there are inevitable difficulties relating to category crossovers. We welcome any suggestions in the comments!