Get started with Graph Search!

Other than utilizing graph search for obvious reasons like stalking friends (and friends of friends) in the creepiest ways possible, there are actually many other powerful uses of the tool that may be overlooked by users.

Search using “Facebook terms”

Facebook has traditionally been about connecting with friends but with more Facebook user data out there available, Graph Search has enabled users to search for a plethora of information using data from the entire Facebook network, as long as it’s made public. Anything can be searched for as long as you search using “Facebook terms”. For example, looking for a restaurant for dinner in Hong Kong? See what restaurants your friends have liked within your vicinity by typing “Restaurants that my friends like in Hong Kong”. Looking for photos Egypt taken in 1970? Search for “Photos taken in Cairo, Egypt in 1970”.

Graph Search for “professionals”

Graph search can also be used on a professional level. Want to find potential competitors of your client (ex: IKEA Hong Kong) on Facebook? You can type “Companies in Hong Kong that are liked by people who like IKEA Hong Kong”. The tool can also help recruiters find users who fit their criteria. If you’re a professional guitar player living in New York City looking to “advertise” yourself, you can search for “People who live in New York City who like (insert relevant band name here)”. If you work for Nike in Eugene, Oregon, and are looking for shoe designers you might search for “People who majored in fashion design and like Nike”. The same can be said for job candidates themselves who want to seek out a company that fits a working culture that they’re looking for. As a best practice for both parties, fleshing out your own or your company’s profile is a must in order to ensure that you’re increasing your “search-ability”. Most effective searches are the ones that are the most “long-winded”; the more detailed your search, the more highly targeted your results.

Given all the content and information available from Facebook users and pages, the search possibilities are endless. How have you been using Graph Search? Do you think it will affect other user-generated opinion sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor?