Chinese Social Media: How To Reach the Chinese Consumer

Did you know that Sina Weibo is now larger than Twitter is? Or that in 2012 Sina Weibo grew even faster than Facebook did?

According to an infographic released on December 31st, Sina Weibo, China’s most popular social media network now has over 500 million users, which means it grew by over 300 million users during 2012.

As with many social media sites, the vast majority of Sina Weibo users are the youth – in Weibo’s case well-educated, single youngsters who grew up in the years following China’s controversial 1976 one-child policy and who primarily come from Chinese Tier 1 and burgeoning Tier 2 cities. These young Chinese users (75%) increasingly carry smartphones with Weibo mobile apps installed on them and surf Weibo while away from home.  For details of the infographic, please click here.

Translation by: Michele Fan
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