Opinions: FB Home

Facebook Home is rolling out today for international Android users. Essentially it’s a home screen replacement for Android which puts Facebook in front of everything. Here’s what the web’s saying about it…

Mixed Reactions to Facebook Home by Users

Mashable reports that FB Home users have very mixed opinions about it. A large portion, 44% of users by their calculations at the time, rated the app with one star, commenting that the cover screen was only good for using Facebook, which, I suppose, is what the people designing it were looking for. However, this extremely negative sentiment was mirrored by extremely positive user reviews who regularly used Facebook. Read More

FB Home a flop in the US? Not a problem…

However it shouldn’t be too big of a problem for Facebook. AllThingsD commented that FB Home, which was designed to turn your phone into a “Facebook phone”, was designed for a different, more international market than just the US. According to them, FB Home would be a hit in nations where Internet access is sporadic; places where mobile data plans are the primary form of connecting to the Internet, for example in India or Indonesia. Its biggest selling point is the integrated messaging, image messaging, VOIP and video messaging that it brings to developing countries. Read More

Chat Heads coming to iOS

However, users of iOS need not despair that they’re being left out. Chat Heads, one of FB Home’s big features, will be brought to iPhones and iPads in a coming app update. What this allows users to do is for users to chat to friends while accessing another app. PC World explains succinctly what Facebook Home is in their article at their website. Read More