Social Media Update News May 23

China’s Top Chat App Gets a WeChat-like Makeover, But Everyone Hates It

Tencent remodeled its QQ chat app to resemble WeChat, its sister mobile chat app. Before, a light beside each contact’s name indicated who is online which clearly separated QQ as an IM service for fast-pasted conversations and WeChat as an SMS service for casual messaging. The QQ makeover deletes this function and changes the chat window to a new-style messaging app, questioning the difference between the two. Mockingly dubbed “second hand WeChat” by angry QQ users, the negative backlash has users demanding to downgrade. Read More

KakaoTalk Takes on Facebook Home With KakaoHome Android Launcher

Eager to take over the homescreens of Android users, popular Korean messaging app KakaoTalk, launches KakaoHome. Similar to Facebook Home, it is a customized mobile home screen for a more integrated social experience. By pulling out KakaoHome from the left side of the screen, it displays notifications from KakaoTalk, KakaoStory, social games and more. Boosting 90 million users, this is big news for South Korea. Read More

Is Yahoo! Acquired Tumblr More Attractive to Brands?

Yahoo! is looking to grab foothold among a younger demographic through acquiring Tumblr, a popular micro-blogging site that captures the “18-to-24 sweet spot.” The tech giant has plans to ramp up Tumblr’s ad revenue. But the acquisition may lose credibility for the site, as an aggressive ad-driven model could disrupt user experience. Read More

BBM No Longer Shackled to Blackberry Platform: Will Indonesians Rejoice?

Blackberry is bringing its infamous real-time messenger service (BBM) onto multiple operating platforms like Android and IOS, rivaling cross-platform chat apps (WeChat, Whatsapp. Viber, etc). Although Blackberry is confident with its latest move, their core customer base in Indonesia speaks otherwise – many are relieved to be free of their Blackberry shackles: “It’s BBM news, but the trending topic [in Indonesia] is iOS and Android.” Read More