SingTel Case Study

Singapore is a little island known for efficiency and it’s no surprise that the average Singaporean is especially demanding when it comes to connectivity and 3G speeds on their smart phones. SingTel, the country’s largest telco needed a campaign to engage demanding and frustrated consumers on the possibilities and speed of the new 4G network. The telco partnered with Ogilvy and a local well-known comedian Hossan Leong to roll out a real-time Twitter campaign #Need4GSpeed over the course of one day (March 14, 2013).

Campaign roll-out

SingTel asked fans for scenarios when they need 4G speed, and turned around a short improv skit within 30 minutes. With an 8 hour window for the campaign (9am-5.30pm), SingTel had to make sure that the word got out. Other than using Twitter’s promoted trend and promoted tweets, Hossan created personalized video responses for popular bloggers in Singapore.

As the campaign kicked off, the popularity grew and 2 hours into the campaign, organic interaction replaced interaction driven by bloggers as @SingTel followers and Hossan’s fans reached out to him with their feedback, need speed scenarios and word began to spread on Twitter and Facebook. In the 8 hours of the campaign, @SingTel got a total of 1400+ submissions to #Need4GSpeed, 450+ @SingTel mentions and over 500,000 tweet impressions. The campaign generated over 32,000 engagements and 1.54 million impressions on the Promoted Trend day. Daily brand mentions increased 17x over the daily average and traffic to SingTel’s 4G website increased by 39%.

The campaign generated so much content and conversations that the hashtag continued trending 24 hours after it ended.

Keys to success

 The campaign was successful because it was social by design and placed people and their interactions at the centre of the experience.

Each piece of content sparked conversation and had high share value as it was entertaining and highly relatable. The entire experience was magnified with the pace of videos released, the use of funny memes fronted by Hossan Leong and the participation by influential users on Twitter.

The campaign in itself had very low barrier to entry; anyone and everyone could take part by sending in a scenario. In return, the reward came in the form of social fame and status of having a customized video produced just for them by Singapore’s well-loved comedian and actor.

The team understood that a time-sensitive campaign relied on speed and precision, especially more so when the campaign lived on a fast-paced channel like Twitter. Roles and responsibilities were clearly assigned for video production, community management, monitoring and also decision making.

Any campaign around a hashtag is open to the possibilities of being hijacked, and the odds were higher for a service provider brand like SingTel. We catered for these risks with thought-out contingency plans that allowed us to react, right down to smaller details like our rules of engagement when it came to trolls. On the actual day, there was a listening centre set up to ensure a healthy positive-negative ratio on the hashtag, and also identify opportunities to engage when an influencer joined in the conversation.

This is the first time a brand has done real-time campaign on Twitter in Singapore, and was picked up as a Twitter case study immediately.