China’s Social Media Equivalents: Infographic Mk. 5

More than six months have passed since Ogilvy’s China social media team updated the infographic we use to show the local platforms thriving in place of the major international equivalents.

Since then new social media platforms have become relevant, either side of the Great Firewall, and so we have reworked the infographic to reflect some of the changes.

A couple of the more interesting updates:

International expansion of Weixin – Weixin (or “WeChat”), arguably the biggest social media story of 2012, is becoming increasingly difficult to categorize. Not only are we placing it in multiple categories, we can now no longer confine it to a China-only box — according to its owner, Tencent, 50 million of the platform’s 400 million registered users are now located outside of China. (Read More)

Niche mobile social –- Still without the giant userbases of Weibo and Weixin, these difficult-to-categorize platforms are still well worthy of a mention. Platforms such as PaPa allow users to publish streams of audio-visual snippets, similar to Vine, while Changba offers karaoke fans a chance to share their own recordings with their social networks.

[Click here to view the Hong Kong version]

Making graphics like this is far from an exact science. Many of the changes we made are debatable, in many cases the Chinese equivalents have different features to their equivalents, and there are inevitable difficulties relating to category crossovers. We welcome any suggestions in the comments!