Hong Kong’s social media equivalents: Infographic

Social@Ogilvy Hong Kong has adapted to China’s social media equivalents infographic, assembling each category with platforms that are relevant to the current digital sphere in Hong Kong.

A couple of the more interesting insights:

Facebook is not only a SNS platform: It is difficult categorizing Facebook into one specific category due to its rapid development in recent years. Primarily, a simple SNS (social networking site), Facebook has branched into many different categories by incorporating check in, photo, video and mobile chat functions, making it a multi-platform player.

Segmented forum and message board categories: Review forum and message board platforms in Hong Kong all target specific demographics, each dominating a particular topic, which makes each category extremely segmented. For example, Open Rice is a popular review forum used by locals to vote and find restaurants in Hong Kong. Beauty Exchange is an online platform used exclusively by young Hong Kong locals to find beauty and fashion tips and products.

Major growth in photo sharing, mobile chat and video categories: Due to the growing trend of mobile usage, there has been major growth of apps and platforms in the photo sharing, mobile chat and video categories. The relatively new photo sharing platforms, Instaplace, Instaweather, Instafood, are all adaptations of the photo sharing giant, Instagram. To accompany the demand for streaming videos on mobile, leading Hong Kong broadcaster TVB and pay TV service providers, iCable and Now TV have launched their own app.

Some of the platforms that have been added are open to debate. If you have any suggestions, we welcome them in the comment box below!